Yellow Peonies and More

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About Me


Don Smith in 2003


I am a retired Research Physicist who worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory for over 37 years conducting experiments to measure the infrared emissions from the upper atmosphere utilizing cryogenic interferometers flown on research aircraft, balloons, rockets and the Space Shuttle.
For the last 18 years I have also devoted many hours to hybridizing intersectional hybrid peonies. Since my retirement in Oct. 2003, I have worked exclusively as a serious amateur breeder of intersectional peonies with the goal of improving the flower quality and expanding the flower type and color range of the intersectional hybrid group. 
I believe that I have made significant progress towards this goal, but more work is still left to be done.
I live in West Newton, Massachusetts, but my peony gardens are located in Windham, New Hampshire which is about 45 miles away from my home.

North side of Garden 1 (June 8, 2008)

A view of the small pond behind my garden, Dec. 2008

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